The Need

Have you ever thought about making a real difference in someone’s life?

Calvary Fellowship Fountain Valley has launched a new ministry called Creation Station, which seeks to bring glory to God by e-nabling others to grab hold of their dreams.

Picture8.jpgThe CDC estimates that, each year, approximately 1,500 babies in the United States alone, are born with upper limb reductions. The upper and lower limb reductions occur when a part of, or even the entire arm (upper limb) or leg (lower limb) of a fetus fails to form completely during pregnancy. This is referred to as a “limb reduction” because a limb is reduced from its normal size or is missing.




    In addition, other forms or limb impairment may occur from an amputation, which is a surgical or traumatic separation of a limb or appendage from the body. It is estimated that one out of every two hundred individuals in the United States has had an amputation of some form. However, traumatic amputations are unplanned and result from some type of accidental injury. At least 30,000 traumatic amputations occur in the United States every year.


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