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    Hi! My name is Ashley and I am an occupational therapists. I currently work in adult rehab with patients with strokes and brain injury, however, my passion is adaptive design. I was trained at the Adaptive Design Association in Manhattan in cardboard carpentry and DIY adaptations. I have used these skills at my rehab hospital to fabricate user specific adaptations for patients with unique needs. I have also taught a cardboard carpentry/low cost assistive tech course at the University of Scranton, my alma mater. I am highly interested in getting more involved in 3D printing and the entire world of assistive technolgoy and rehab engineering. I am located in the Denver area, but would be happy to travel to be involved and learn more. Please let me know if there are any educational or volunteer opportunities – I would love to contribute! Email does work best for me as I tend to have a pretty unpredictable schedule for phone calls, but am an avid email checker :) [email protected]

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